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World of Warcraft
cant raid this week guys got to go to my dads and work
It's levioSAAAA
That issue should be fixed now. I was messing around with things. Sorry!
yep only showing Stalker box, guess that means where all stalkers now
Hmm.. posted in the forums and now all I can get to on this site is a place called the stalker box.

Welcome to Elysian Gaming!

Welcome to Elysian! We are an active World of Warcraft guild on Whisperwind, with a focus on guild progression and being the best we can be. We have a diverse, fairly tight-knit group of folks who enjoy each others' company. Browse our publicly available information at your leisure!

What does Elysian mean and how do you say it? Find Out!

Garrosh Hellscream made his first mistake in consolidating Horde power during the chaos that was the Cataclysm.  He continued the vision of Orc supremacy by any means necessary... and look where that got him.. dead beneath is own throne! 

Guess he wasn't aware of what happens when you try to prove your race is better than any other.

Elysian comes crashing down on you! 

(P.S. Erie, I added the last part just for you! Since I ruined it and all.)

The nine surviving Klaxxi'va Paragons, champions of the Mantid, who hold a far deeper loyalty to their ancient creator; followed the whispers of the heart of Y'Shaarj to their death.

Helix Blackfuse, the only goblin that had the engineering prowess, professionalism and ruthlessness to make good old Garrosh happy in his search for the engineer of the True Horde died this day.

May he R.I.P. (Rest In Pieces!)

No blood, just loots. (ok, maybe a liiitttle bit of Thoks blood)

Nom nom nom LOOTS!

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